Flying like the Rich and Famous

We all have one thing in common when flying, and that is the destination. The defining difference is what class (style) passengers choose to fly in. Every seasoned passenger has at one time, or another experienced the cramped quarters of Economy Class.

When boarding a plane, the path through First Class reveals the envy on our faces as we make our way to the back of the aircraft. Once the separating curtain is drawn to separate the two classes, one settles in for the flight while staring at the curtain as if the glare could burn it.


Airlines have taken First Class a step further in offering a class of travel that boggles the mind and empties the wallet. A style of flying across the skies provides the passenger the extravagance one can only dream of! Step aside “First Class,” meet “Super-First-Class!”

Luxury That Wraps Around You

You can have it all when flying in one of the suites on a luxury airliner. As a passenger, you will be pampered as you jet through the sky. Numerous airlines offer the new concept of suites.


Emirates Airlines

  • Private Suite with zero-gravity seats, virtual windows for center suites
  • Suite Amenities
    • Zero gravity seating
    • Virtual HD windows (for center suites)
    • Shower Spa
    • High-Grade leather Bulgari toiletry kit
    • Moisturizing loungewear with matching Slippers
    • Fine Dining: Chef Inspired cuisine served on Royal Daulton china and your personal Sommelier.
    • Access to lounge with top shelf drinks & 55” TV
  • Cost: Approximately $60,000

Etihad Airlines

Super-First-Class Residential Suite with living room, bedroom and shower room.

  • Suite Amenities
    • Living Room: leather seating, dining area, 32” TV, noise canceling headsets
    • Bedroom: Double bed with Italian linen, 27” TV, noise canceling headsets and Turn-Down service
    • Shower Room
    • Fine Dining: Chef-prepared cuisine
    • White Glove Butler Service
    • Concierge Service at check-In
  • Cost: Approximately $32,000

Singapore Airlines

  • Private Suite
  • Suite Amenities
    • Bed with luxurious linens
    • Lavatory appointed with vanity and exquisite toiletries
    • Fine Dining: Chef Inspired cuisine served on Wedgwood China
    • Access to lounge with top shelf drinks & 55” TV
  • Cost: Approximately $23,000

Qantas Airlines

  • Private Suite
  • Suite Amenities
    • Extra-wide bed with luxurious linens and Turn-Down service
    • Reclining seat with ottoman
    • Fine Dining: Restaurant styled 8-course menu, award-winning wines, and champagne with Sommelier service
    • Entertainment on touchscreens with noise canceling headsets
    • Personal telephone
    • Designer sleepwear
    • Toiletry kits
  • Cost: Approximately $13,500

Opulence When Flying

Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud is the owner of perhaps one of the most customized private jumbo jets in the world. Large enough to seat 800 passengers, this jet was entirely tailored to the wishes of the Prince. This aircraft is evident of what $484 million can buy!

A few of the amenities that this beauty possess are:

  • Garage for Rolls Royce that travels with the Prince
  • Dedicated Prayer area
  • Grand dining room
  • Tropical fish aquariums throughout
  • 5 Master Suites with king size beds
  • Sleepers for twenty people
  • Concert Hall complete with baby grand piano
  • Boardroom
  • Full-Size steam room
  • Well-Being room
  • Grand Spiral staircase

Famous and Flying

Many celebrities pilot their personal private aircraft, and although some forego the affluent customization, the opportunity to be an aviator is rewarding enough. However, there are the illustrious famous that desire to travel in a style that is reflective of their industry.


John Travolta

A licensed pilot himself, he boasts ownership of five aircraft as well as having an airport within reach of his back door.


John Denver

Licensed as a private pilot, he sadly died when flying his aircraft in 1997.


David Lee Roth

Who knew he has a passion for flying helicopters?

Ever Evolving

As aviation evolves, we will see aircraft adapt to the growing needs of society. The traditional commercial airplane has increased in size exponentially. Evidence of this is present in the concept of “Cruise-Ship” aircraft. Resembling an actual cruise ship in the air with deck after deck stacked upon each other, this monster climbs into the depths of the blue skies. Are we ready to fly on something that large since gravity is an aircraft’s worst enemy? Has flying lost its luster or is it just developing into a luxury out of reach for the average person?