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It All Began With One Little Plane

The Humble Beginnings of Camelot Aviation


Founded in 2003 by Jaime Pinto, Camelot Aviation began as a small flight training facility in York, Pennsylvania. Their humble beginnings started with a Cessna 150 which was a conventional trainer aircraft lacking any frills or extras.

Growing pains brought forth much needed expansion as they relocated in 2007 to a larger facility, Tri-County Airport, in the panhandle of Florida. Having favorable weather in their new location proved to be a welcome boost for business.

Flying the Blue Skies at Tri-County Airport

As a regional general aviation “seat,” Tri-County Airport became the new home for Camelot Aviation. Boasting a 5,400-foot runway, this airport accommodates multi-engine aircraft.


Camelot Aviation served as aircraft maintenance for the airport. Ensuring aircraft is operating optimally, Camelot provided a comprehensive system of inspecting parts on  planes and providing the necessary parts and repair while upholding standards of safety for the flight crew and passengers. The FAA mandates that all aircraft must be inspected and undergo maintenance following a specific number of flight hours of flight cycles.

Camelot’s Vision and Services

Taking advantage of a new and bigger location, Pinto moved to add more services and amenities to his business. Not only does Camelot offer flight training, but aircraft chartering is available for local and transient visitors. Aerial tours are also provided to those wanting to see things from a little higher up! Private aircraft owners utilized Camelot’s Aircraft Management’s alternative for turn-key flying.


Additionally, Camelot offered aircraft restoration and refurbishment. The Jet Provost MK 5A is near and dear to Pinto as he has lovingly worked on it to bring it back to its glory. It is a work in progress as it is not yet in flying condition.

Notably, the restoration of an L-29 Russian Jet Trainer from Czechoslovakia is underway as well. Plans to begin on 2-Hawker Hunters for the Royal Air Museum will commence soon.

Partnership with CHR International, Inc.

Camelot has reached out further with their vision by partnering with CHR International, Inc., who manages the Safari Kit helicopter. Camelot provides the required training for the individuals that will be piloting the helicopters. By forming this partnership, prospective buyers of the aircraft can take advantage of a free introductory flight showcasing the aircraft.


A Safari Kit helicopter is unique offering a low-cost alternative to those desiring to pilot their aircraft. One can purchase a “ready-made” helicopter for about $183,000. A cheaper alternative costing about $142,000 is a kit that the purchaser would build.

The Passion of Flying

The desire to be in command and control of an aircraft demands a genuine passion and skill. An aircraft pilot must acquire many hours of training, which does not come cheap. Learning to fly is costly and continues to be so with aircraft rentals or purchase and the maintenance involved during the life of the aircraft.

Becoming a pilot requires long hours of instruction as well as specific skills. A pilot must not only exude confidence in his ability but be able to make quick choices while under duress. For some, these skills do not come naturally and must be ingrained when starting out.

The Blue Skies Await

The flight instruction that Camelot offers is not only comprehensive but prepares one to be able to fly the skies confidently. The love of flying is something that Camelot hopes to spread to many. There is no comparison to feeling a particular freedom that is only found in the clouds above.

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