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Unique Airports Around the World

When flying, no one really thinks of an airport as destination worthy. It’s the little unique oddities that puts an airport on the interest radar. As we scurry through airports, we are so focus-driven on getting to the gate that we fail to appreciate the beauty and rarities that a hub of travel holds.

Not for the faint of heart!

Several airports are quite frankly, terrifying to fly in and out of. The anxiety level for some passengers can be overwhelming, but the addition of treacherous landing conditions is an unwanted bonus!


Princess Juliana International Airport – Saint Martin

Beachgoers on Maho Beach flocked to the outer fence boundary of this airport to get the full effect of planes landing and taking off. Many refer to this activity as “fence surfing.” Strong winds known as “jet blasts”, occur when a plane lands or takes off. As the giant plane approaches, spectators take hold onto the fence and wait…a sudden blast of hot air blows them backward. This action is dangerous and has led to a recent death.

Ice Runway – Antarctica

In the frozen tundra of Antarctica, sits the remote McMurdo Station which is the base of operation for the U.S. Antarctic Program. The summer season has a population of 1,000, however, as winter approaches, that number drops drastically. Winter is brutal and harsh with a low temperature of -58 F degrees. Below the frozen icy surface lays glacial waters which tend to shift and move causing fractures in the ice. Imagine landing on that!


Paro Airport – Bhutan

Landing at this airport is harrowing, to say the least. When approaching the short runway of Paro, pilots hasten to get the aircraft steadied as they quickly approach landing. This little airport sits situated in the peaks of the Himalayas and conditions for flying are at best dangerous. There are only a handful of pilots who are certified to fly in and out of this airport.


Tenzing-Hillary Airport – Nepal

This is the world’s most dangerous airport to fly aircraft in and out of. As the hub for Mt. Everest, Tenzing-Hillary sits perched on a cliff in the snow-capped peaks. Bad weather accounts for many deadly crashes. As the pilot approaches, both courage and skill are required to maneuver into the short runway. The “pucker factor” is quite high when landing or taking off.

Surrounded by Ocean

Creative engineering designed unique locations for over-populated areas unable to accommodate the large footprint of an airport. Two particular airports are situated on islands out and away from the densely occupied areas.


Ibrahim Nasir International Airport – Maldives

Beautifully located on an island, this airport is only accessible via boat or seaplane. A true gem nestled in the turquoise waters of the Maldives.


Kansai International Airport – Japan

Located on a man-made island, Kansai is uniquely the world’s first offshore all encompassing airport.


Airport Amenities that Rock


Golf Anyone?

Hong Kong International Airport intices travelers to take a break and enjoy a round of golf on their nine-hole course.


Nature Indoors

Singapore’s Changi Airport brings nature indoors offering nature trails to explore. What a great way to beat jet lag!


Rest for the Weary in an Airport


After flying in and out of airports worldwide, it’s a given that jetting makes a body tired. Most passengers are not aware of nifty options to catching a few zzz’s while on layover.


Sleeping Pods

These miniature versions of a bedroom comes complete with single or double beds, an alarm clock, complimentary snacks, drinks and even WiFi. Available up to 24 hours.

Cocoon Chairs

This futuristic chairs looks similar to a space capsule. Pull the privacy shade over your chair, recline into a bed while enjoying WiFi. For a fee, you can purchase bed linen, toiletries, pillow and matching eye shades.


Nap Cabs

Open the door to what appears to be a box and walk in to your little suite. Includes fresh  bed linens, a work area, touch screen entertainment, WiFi, cool air, mood lighting and alarm clock.


Capsule Hotel

Resembling a honeycomb, rows of bunks offer a quiet space to climb up and into. Amenities include toiletries, locker, shower, bath towel, slippers and ambient system.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, we can all agree that there is truly no place we would rather be than home.

“Last call for boarding…”

Different Types of Aircraft

We commonly refer to aircraft as a “plane” without giving it much thought. Aircraft come in many sizes, shapes, colors and have a specific purpose. There is nothing compared to watching the graceful beauty of an airplane slowly lift to take flight into the sky.

Three Key Reference “Terms”

Aircraft: refers to the machine that gains lift from the air as it defies gravity while remaining supported.

Crew: refers to the manned means to fly the aircraft.

Aviation: refers to the activity of human resources involved in the overall operation and use of the aircraft.

What Kind of Plane is It?

Aircraft are all genuine and unique in that they are designed to serve a specific purpose. Its  purpose is taken into account when classifying the aircraft (see below.)




Carries passengers to destinations worldwide  
Cargo Carries cargo worldwide  
General Aviation



Flight instruction



●       Single Engine

●       Multi-Engine

●       Rotorcraft (Helicopter, Gyroplane)




Military operations


●     Jets

●     Cargo

●     General Aviation

●     Rotorcraft

●     Drones



Access to remote areas that require landing and taking off on water ●     Single Engine

●     Multi-Engine





Military Training

Lighter Than Air


Recreation ●     Airship

●     Balloon

Powered Parachute Recreation


●       Land

●       Sea

How Much Do Planes Cost?

Flying is not a poor man’s hobby! When purchasing an aircraft, many things must be taken into consideration, not just the mere “sticker price.”

As with owning a car, there is maintenance and insurance that come along with having that car. A plane, however, is going to be an exorbitant expense. Flying the skies does not come at a discount. A good friend of mine was looking to purchase one of his own planes to teach his kid and to use it for fun. He’d hardly have the time but it’s his dream. When he isn’t working at he just wants to be flying soaring the skies.

Here are just a few “sticker price” shockers… 

Commercial Aircraft           $50 – $87 billion or more

Small Single Engine           $30,000 – $400,000

Helicopter                          $250,000 – $1,700,000

Glider                                $20,000 – $300,000

Hot Air Balloon                   $22,000 – $50,000

The “Up-Keep” of Owning an Aircraft

Now that we have our eyes “wide open” on what an aircraft would cost to own, now let’s look at a sample of incidental expenses to own a small Multi-Engine aircraft.


Hangar Fee:                      $250 – $3,000 / month

Annual Inspection:             $1,200

Insurance:                         $1,300 / year

Misc. Maintenance:            $2,000 / year

Fuel:                                 $40 / hour while in use

Landing Fees:                   $50 / year

Engine Replacement:        $25,000 Every 1500 – 2000 hours

Propellor Replacement      $4,500 Every 1500 – 2000 hrs

Famous Owners of Aircraft

As we can see, owning an aircraft is lavishly indicative of wealth. While owning a plane is reserved for those that can afford it, many can travel via commercial air and still experience the pleasure and thrill of the flying.

Did you Know?…

  • Trump’s Personal Boeing 757 cost $100 million to build
  • Air Force One cost $660 million to build
  • The World’s Smallest Plane is 9’10” long with a wingspan of 7’2”
  • The Largest Plane in the World is the Stratolaunch. Much larger than a Boeing 747, this monstrosity weighs in at 500,000 pounds and has a wingspan longer than the length of a football field.

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